Today, a national holiday, commemorates the final victory, November 18, 1803, at Vertières, of the forces of the Haitian Revolution under Jean-Jacques Dessalines over Napoleon’s expeditionary force. We wish our friends at St Matthew’s the same courage and fortitude to overcome the current challenges and an early return to a celebration as in 2015 >>>>

Sad days in Haiti

By decree the price of fuel has increased 128%; food prices too are climbing. The social distress erupts in rioting and looting. Businesses, food depots and schools have been ravaged. The afflicted include our sister institution, La Redemption,

Topping out, topping up –

– of the additional classroom for the new 7th grade. Check out the substantial rebar content. And topping up? We have met our goal for “uniforms: outfit a kid for school”, the summer campaign. Thank you to our loyal and ever generous donors. Mesi ampil